Since 2019, whether through our online courses, in-person classes, Bootcamps, workshops, and more, Universal Heroes Academy has trained over 600 students. We welcome all types of profiles and can meet the ambitions of each individual. Over the years, we have built a caring community that shares the same values and passions.

    Their common point can be summed up in one phrase: 'I now have a real example of what it means to work for myself


    We believe it is crucial today to help those who wish to learn to understand themselves and coexist with others while achieving their dreams in the most dignified manner possible.

    We teach with a pedagogy steeped in Korean culture: we experience first and discover theory second.


    Our brand, Universal Heroes, has a mission to empower artists through K-pop, giving them all the keys they need to thrive. Our courses cater to both amateurs seeking excellence and future professionals, as well as current professionals


Korean, intensively trained from the age of 3 in Japan in music, dance, and theater for professional purposes.

As an operatic singer, she has received awards in international competitions, including a First Prize with congratulations from the jury, and began her career as a solo operatic singer in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

At 15, she passed the entrance exam for the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Musique de Paris as a concert solo pianist and began her higher education in music (piano, operatic singing, musicology). From the age of 30, she also developed her activities in the production and dissemination of live performances, event planning, as well as cultural and digital entrepreneurship, leading her to be a finalist in the start-up competition at NUMA SPRINT 2015 with her artistic and event agency, ARTPANIC. Graduated from the Master's program in Management of Cultural Organizations at the University Paris-Dauphine PSL, she is an Honorary Journalist for the Korean Ministry of Culture.

She works to bring all her skills to bear on culturally impactful projects that provide individual and collective meaning and contribute to social transition and even mutation.