Asha Needs you

In a world where humanity is collapsing and have almost entirely lost their memory, 

the Mastom, a high-tech power they created, 

has now taken control over life. 

By replacing divine powers, all types of beliefs, and religions, it has gained power over all living beings and removed their emotions.

However, a curious phenomenon occurs in this spiritless world, through which Asha can finally pursue his dreams and destiny...


My name is Asha, and this is my Daily Journal.

I've decided to start sharing my story with you today, hoping that maybe you can accompany me on my journey. I'm just a kid with big dreams and a desire to live incredible adventures. Music is my passion; I love to sing, dance, and listen to all kinds of music, though I do have my preferences.
One day, my goal is to make a living from my passion, but I'm unsure if I can achieve it. I fear judgment. My parents don't quite understand my passion, but for now, it's the only thing that helps me overcome my fears and every obstacle on my path. I believe that if my idols could reach where they are now, I can find the strength within myself to achieve my dream.
A lot has been changing here lately, and I think it's time for me to show the world that I can make it.

" Hello everyone, I trust you're all well, and I hope my message has reached at least one person.

I must admit that these past times have been quite challenging for me. Struggling to find motivation, to believe in my dream, and most importantly, to have confidence in my abilities. I'm hopeful that, somehow, I'll find the key to make it happen; I just need to identify what triggers that success.

At the moment, I'm focusing on improving my skills in dancing and singing. It's a secret; I'm doing my best to keep it from my parents because they would be quite upset. They want me to concentrate on school and pursue what they consider a 'real' career. I'm unsure about other options besides a career in the music industry. 
I know school is important and I work as hard as I can to secure my future, but music is the only path I see.

I practice every night when my parents are asleep, dance for an hour or so. Singing is a bit trickier. I can’t take the risk of waking up my parents, so every time I get the chance to be alone, I practice, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. 


I have to go now..

I can’t stay here, I’ll tell you more later. "

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    Asha aspires to become an artist like their favorite idols. 

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    Nevertheless, everything is changing, and he will discover that his dream will come true...